Water features
Product Code: J-121

IEP's range of water features. They are all mains operated with LED lights.

Azteca is a self-contained cascading stone-like water feature. It is sure to be a wonderful spectacle when illuminated during the evening or at night, making it a perfect focal point for any garden setting. This water feature is entirely self-contained, meaning that there's no need to dig a reservoir - allowing you to place this gorgeous feature anywhere in your garden, even on the patio or deck. The water is recycled within the body of the feature, so after tumbling into the lowest pool, it is pumped back to the top to begin the cycle again.

Brilliant white LED lights makes this water feature really stand out. In the evening, these lights create a particularly dramatic effect sure to wow friends and family.

Colour: Light Stone
Size: 28cm x 44cm x 85cm
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